Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ingles de Negocios 1 the Business definition

Watch the video . Answer the following questions in the comment box.

1- What is a business?
2- What do you think is a legal entity?
3- How does a business make money?
4- Who does the business get things and services from?
5- Who does the business sell to?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ingles de Negocios 1 BASIC VOCABULARY

Ve el siguiente videoclip y aprendete el vocabulario.

Fill in the blanks with the appropiate word. Use the vocabulary from the video. Write the answers in the comment boz.

1-   I'm in the retail ____________.
2-   Six hundred __________ visit my store.
3-   We average  _________ of over $5,000 daily.
4.  The    ________ name is QUICKY.
5.   QUICKY is a long time  ______  of Pepsi Cola.
6-   We are going to  ___________  a  Gasso gas station franchise.
7-   Quicky will also  __________ gasoline.
8-   The ___________    will be an investment of  $800,0000.
9-   When I returned home I realized I was missing 2 items from my _______________.

Business English 1 INTRODUCTION

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